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Trainings and resources that are tailored to the way that you do business in the 21st century. Michelle Charles English is your on-demand solution for keeping your Business English fresh and cutting edge so that you are always ready to communicate: spontaneously, fluently and with more accuracy. Scroll down for more information about me and my services and resources, or follow this link for specific training and booking details.

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Advanced Business English Coaching

Customized 1-to-1 sessions intended to build on the years of traditional lessons already taken by the advanced non-native speaker of English. More like coaching than training, session content is a tailor-made combination of your expressed pain points and my expertise in improving fluency, accuracy and Soft Skills for business. To learn more about how I can help you, watch my “About Me” video below.

Soft Skills Training

Helping professionals to improve their Soft Skills, including communication, problem-solving, time management, critical thinking, relationship-building and conflict resolution. Michelle has developed a variety of training programs tailored to the needs of individuals and groups from different industries and professions.

Online Courses

Michelle Charles International Communications Academy (MCICA) is your dedicated self-learning platform for improving your English at your own pace and when it’s convenient for you. More than exercises and activities, all courses are in easy-to-follow English. Enroll in pronunciation and grammar courses for your day-to-day tasks. Learn Soft Skills for leadership and management duties.


Develop your reading skills with fresh, original content from Michelle. Build your vocabulary as you explore insights and best practices for learning to speak English like a native speaker.

Client Reviews

Michelle is a great teacher helping me to improve my conversation, vocabulary and pronunciation. I enjoy the lessons with Michelle very much. She has a non-standardized lessons structure and use a native speaker approach to learn the language. – Ekaterina

Michelle is very professional and personable. She has a very clear pronunciation and customizes the lesson to my needs. She teaches the English language with passion and fun. – Vanessa

Michelle is extremely friendly, helpful and professional teacher. She provides great advice. Extremely dedicated. Thank you! Strongly recommended. – Birthe

Michelle helped me a lot in gaining confidence in business presentations. My presentation, a training with an important customer, took 8 hours in a (row) and received excellent feedback. Very helpful, friendly, sensitive and professional teacher! – Peter

Improve Your Communications Across Cultures

My Training Philosophy


The opposite of my “context-oriented” training philosophy is “providing random pieces of information”. My Business English trainings create meaning and understanding for the learner by placing new information and in-depth explanations about English grammar and vocabulary within the context of blog articles, downloads and exercises (which are the digitized versions of my original course material and training concepts in active development since 2008) and relevant discussions in live sessions. This context-oriented approach forms the foundation of a more wholistic training experience. The result is a higher success rate for long-term retention and short-term recall in communications with others.

Learning Styles

There are four basic learning styles: visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. Adult learners also bring their personal and professional experiences (in the form of “filters”) to their Business English trainings. Questions such as: “How does this information align with my experience/what I’ve learned before?”, “Is this information relevant for my purposes?” or “Will this strategy really work?” are often posed during the sessions. After years of traditional lessons with still limited progress, such “filters” make sense. I recognize the need to present information and content in ways that connect with as many different learning styles as possible – not just the “visual”, as in traditional lessons. I also take time to discuss the “filters” that may come up in the sessions – especially with regard to how they may serve to actually block progress. These exchanges about learning styles and “filters” have proven to save time in the long run and play a key role in producing measurable results.


A learner-centered approach to training rather than the traditional teacher-centered approach is how I develop customized trainings for each of my clients. “Listening vs lecturing” means that the Business English Trainer should behave more like a coach in the sessions – guiding the learner through the process of turning the information that they had gathered in the past into knowledge that can be applied practically moving forward. At the same time, I remain alert about adding new insights and information as necessary. Coaching clients through their pain points in this way is how I help them to develop as non-native speakers of English and advance beyond their current level.

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