ChatGPT Training

An introduction and overview of the training.

Learn How To Write Effective ChatGPT Queries in English

Welcome to modern Business English!

Writing queries and prompts for ChatGPT is not the same as writing emails, letters or even queries in traditional search engines.

The quality of your search results in ChatGPT depends on the quality of your communication with the bot.

Since ChatGPT is trained primarily in English, any results generated from a non-English query or prompt will be a translated version of the original source material.

If you work in an environment in which you need to produce English-language text and you want to use ChatGPT to help you to be more productive and efficient, then translating your non-English ChatGPT results actually ends up being highly inefficient.

In this hands-on, 1-to-1 live video conferencing training, you will learn how to refine your advanced Business English skills for the express purpose of improving your query results from ChatGPT.

Each training session lasts 60 minutes and during that time, I will teach you how to:

  • Formulate accurate questions
  • Reframe requests in terms that the bot can understand
  • Identify vocabulary words that would best support getting the results that you want
  • Know when you finally have the best result for your needs and when you need to prompt for more
  • Turn your results into copy that you can add to your work or pass on to others

The topics of grammar, sentence syntax, meaning and style are incorporated into the training as needed.


  • English Level B2 or higher

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You can book your personal 60-minute, 1-to-1 training using the embedded bookings platform below. Simply start with your time zone and then follow the prompts.

My availabilities are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 16:00 to 18:00 CET. Bookings are subject to availability.

The entire secured transaction will take place on this page and you will receive an email with your booking code as confirmation, along with a Zoom link for our call.

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Michelle Charles is a Business English Teacher and Coach who has spent the last 15 years, since moving to Germany, helping non-native speakers of English to stay competitive on the global economic playing field. Before moving to Germany in 2008, Michelle accumulated over 20 years of professional experience in various roles in the United States related to education and training, public speaking, journalism, media and entertainment, and community outreach and activism.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communications from West Chester University and studied Organizational Dynamics (Organizational Psychology) at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. She is a twice-certified TESOL Instructor.

Professionally, Michelle is a former academic field researcher, community dialogue facilitator, media contributor and published author. She counts The Deliberative Democracy Handbook: Chapter 4 as being one of her most outstanding accomplishments for its part in influencing the role that journalists and journalism play in the communities on which they report, along with the white paper, Giving Back To The Community: African American Inner City Youth and Civic Engagement, for its ongoing contribution to grassroots activism in the urban African American communities of the United States.

Michelle has first-hand experience in training AI chatbots for international customer support through her work with a German full-service web agency in 2022.

She has successfully prepared learners to pass their IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English language proficiency exams.

With regard to Business English, Michelle is especially keen to ensure that her students understand the value of incorporating Soft Skills into their writings as a form of adding a “human touch” to otherwise static interpersonal communications.

You can read her more recent writings on her blog, The Better English Blog, where she publishes articles bi-weekly.

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